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Vans Meadow Patchwork with Spring Theme

Mancode – The Vans Meadow Patchwork Collection is a series of new models from Vans to celebrate the arrival of season after season. Combining aesthetic pieces and various interesting accents, this latest series from Vans makes us Indonesians also imagine spring. As we know, we can find patchwork accents from Vans on some of the shoes. But there is something interesting about this series.
The specialty of the patchwork style of the new Vans series can be seen from the process. Starting from a craft that combines patchwork pieces with various motifs to create a new shape. The patchwork that is joined together is usually a geometric shape. The combination of these patches then produces a unique pattern and texture.
Vans Meadow Patchwork with Spring
The atmosphere of spring that is colorful and spontaneous is very well represented by this aesthetic. It seems like Vans is thinking the same thing, trying to find the unexpected like skating and trying new tricks. This latest Vans series includes three silhouettes dressed in colorful Meadow Patchwork.

This collection is available in 3 Vans models, namely Vans Era, Sk8-Lo and Slip-On, all of which are lined with plaid, paisley, floral patterns, and other patterns. In addition, the printed fabric patterns with a specific pattern appear to be sewn on it.
Vans Meadow Patchwork with Spring shoes

Not only pouring spring into the shoes, Vans Meadow Patchwork can also make the perception of people feel what spring is from every patchwork. Currently, the latest collection from Vans can be found on the official Vans website.

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