Kylie Jenner x adidas Falcon Black Pink B28126 To Buy


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adidas Falcon Pink Black Womens comes dressed with the vibes of both girlish and a strong lumberjack. The candy pink shades on the pitch black shoe proves that women can mess you up if they want! Ladies are in for a treat this season. Men better watch out!

The mixture of delightful bubbliness and beefy manliness is what this runner stands out for. Its both robust and flexible so that your performances are always on a straight A level.

It’s the quality of the mesh and synthetic leather layers that leave you stunned. While the stretchy nylon mesh helps the shoe to adapt to your feet size, the overlays add multiple layers of protection for you. The sheets and padding may make you think it’s too damn heavy, but it’s not! You can fly with the wind and as fast as you want. A grey leather heel counter and the lightweight EVA midsole adds finesse to your performances. The outsole keeps you glued to the surface.


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