Fußballschuhe Nike Phantom GT Elite FG Lime Glow Green online günstig kaufen




Run the game wearing Nike Phantom GT Elite FG football boots in Lime Glow/Aquamarine, featuring a grippy texture on the upper for enhanced touch and precision ball-striking.
To dominate like KDB, you need to master every aspect of attacking football: dribbling, passing, and shooting.

With a Generative Texture across the upper of the boot, the Nike Phantom GT Elite FG gives you ultimate control in any situation. Thicker and denser at the instep and toe, the grippy texturing improves your touch when receiving the ball and allows greater precision as you ping a pass to your teammate or fire a shot into the top corner.

For dribbling, the Phantom GT’s extra grip combines with a Flyknit construction to give you better feel on the ball, also offering additional support to enable quick cuts and turns. Underfoot, the new Hyperquick system features a streamlined chassis with a unique soleplate – single piece, but with an open arch, reducing weight while maintaining stability. A hybrid stud configuration with innovative split-shift studs at the forefoot and rearfoot provides dynamic traction.


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